Friday, January 6

our "little bugger"

that is what Hailey has been calling her little brother lately! :) I think she says it affectionately, but one can never truly tell...he has been in a lot of trouble these days!

it's a good thing he's so cute, huh?!

Hailey's been trying to make Jackson into a "prince" by crowing him with bubbles in the bathtub- too bad she has bad aim, 'cause he usually ends up looking more like a pirate or bearded man than a prince ;)

who can possibly look cute with food on his face other than a little boy?? (actually, I took this picture to prove to Korey that he could eat dinner without making a HUGE mess) :)

I sure am enjoying this little bugger, lately, even though he's been in a lot of trouble :) It's sad that he's already 16 months old...I feel like he's growing up way too quickly.

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