Wednesday, January 11

kinda scary...

Today Korey and I did something that we should have done long ago...something kinda scary...something that will completely and utterly change our lives!


we cut up our credit cards!

(right after we canceled them, apparently it was just fun to cut them up)

Korey was given a book by a co-worker by Dave Ramsey and it definitely was a huge eye opener for us both about our finances. We don't have any dedt, other than our house, but we have never had a budget that we lived by (we'd tried before and always went back to the trusty credit card and even though we paid it off each month it was too easy to spend $ when we didn't have to physically watch it leaving our pocket) and it seemed like each month left us wondering what happened to all of our $. Korey's always been a saver by nature, but we never had a specific savings plan- never really a plan at all, actually! So, now, we have an all cash specific plan for our lives and we both feel like we have a new lease on life. Ok, I gotta admit- it's a little scary and a little intimidating and a little sad to say goodbye to certain perks of not having to think about where your money goes. But, it's also incredibly exciting to think of paying off our house, saving $ for our kids college educations, our own retirement, and knowing exactly where our $ is going each and every month! :)

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