Friday, January 6

one sick little girl!

I feel like we have sort of been hit by a lot of stuff, lately, but I think mostly it is just the fact that Korey went back to work and real life finally set in for me and I realized that real life is rather chaotic! :) go figure- life with 4 little kids is chaotic...huh, who woulda thought!! ;)
Anyways, last night Hailey woke up throwing up twice and it didn't get any better as the day progressed- she is one sick little girl! In fact, if you know Hailey this picture should prove to you how sick she is- it is taken at 10 in the morning, downstairs in our basement, the tv is on, Jackson is playing with trucks in the same room, and one of the girls was crying in my arms...and she fell asleep in the middle of it all!!! She's sleeping again, now, and hopefully will sleep away the sickness. It's so hard to see your kids sick and suffering- especially when you know you can't do a thing about it- except hold her hair back, rub her back and let her throw up in the bucket you're holding! :(

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