Wednesday, January 18

I hope you...

"I hope you have kids just like you!" I don't know about any of you, but I personally have always hated it when I hear parent's saying that to their children! I know that my children are challenging and I know that they drive me crazy sometimes...but, I wish for better for them! I never want Hailey to have to go through times when she wonders what to do about her sassy daughter, I never want Jack to have to chase after his son for endless hours, I don't want Maysen and Maelle to have to be up all night with crying babies that can't be soothed- I know better than to think that each of them won't go through times that they will do all of the above, but I wish I could make it so that they didn't have to! Instead, I can honestly say that I hope my kids have kids just like them! I hope that Hailey has a daughter who is sweet and kind, who loves to help and makes her want to just squeeze her when she walks by. I hope that she gets a little girl who loves her Daddy more than anything else and who cries for her Daddy when she's hurt or sick. But, most of all I pray that she will have a daughter who will pray to Jesus at night just like she does! And for Jack, I hope that he gets a little boy just like him- one who has the most adorable smile, who blows kisses to everyone, who gives the best hugs and who just wants his mommy when he's sick! I hope he gets a little guy who loves to be outside and follow his Daddy around "helping" him, I hope he gets a little one with lots of energy so that he can enjoy all the silly antics and crazy stuff that he does for laughs! For Maysen I hope that she gets a sweet and lovable little girl who just curls into her body when she holds her, who loves to just be held and is always comforted by her mommy's arms and who smiles as easily and quickly as she does! And, for Maelle, I hope that she gets a sweet little girl who loves to have her sister around as much as she does and who nurses as well and sleeps as well as her! In fact, mostly I hope she gets the privilege of nursing her sweet little girl and seeing her milk drunk face when she's finished! :)
I guess I do hope that my kids have kids just like them- even the bad aspects, because I love all of my kids and consider it such a privilege to be their mommy and have grown and matured so much because of them and I want them to have that same privilege!

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