Friday, May 27

say cheese

A few days ago we went and had some pictures taken by my neighbor (in her new studio- very exciting stuff)!! And, apparently it made quite an impression on Hailey- you would never have known it at the time, though, 'cause the little bugger would barely smile at all and didn't even want her picture taken...grrrr!!

But, since then she has been a regular little "poser"- always wanting me to take her picture and everyone elses!!

she's even been coaching Jackson to "say cheese"
all of her favorite stuffed animals had to get in on the action, too :)

even Allie had to have her picture taken (as she waits patiently by the door for someone to take pity on her and let her out to go to the bathroom...poor little neglected doggie) ;) just gotta love the way a 2 year old mind works...hating pictures one minute and loving them the next! :)

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