Saturday, May 14

it's a good day to be a mama to a little boy!

Today I truly felt loved by my little man!

He actually reached for me (without me putting my arms out for him...he was just in Korey's arms and I came up to him and he reached for ME)! If you can't understand why this is such a HUGE deal for me, go back and read my posts about how much Hailey loves Korey and how she had just finished nursing one day and he walked in the room and she immediately reached for him...or if that doesn't do it, read the posts I wrote about how I couldn't even nurse her, if Korey was talking in that room, because she was just to excited to be by him! :)

And...if that wasn't enough to make my mommy heart soar, he actually said, "mama" today! Isn't that sweet?? I pretty much melted! It wasn't even any special moment- I was just changing his diaper and tickling him and he said, "mama"!!!

Oh yes, it is definitely a good day to have a little boy (or a "mama's boy" as Korey calls him)! ;)

Every day really is, it's just that some are more rewarding than others!

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