Monday, February 7

We WIN!!

I always hate how Packer fans talk about the Packers as "we", instead of them. But, yesterday, when they won the Super Bowl I said, "we win!! I can't believe we won the Super Bowl" :) I guess I have finally crossed over to the other side... ;) And, I guess I'm in good company- we had a ton of fun yesterday, celebrating the Packers going to the Super Bowl- and winning!!

before the game...we all got dressed up and had some "playtime" in the basement!

Hailey had a good time eating the chocolate! :)

and taking her own pictures...

but, all the excitement wore her out!

Grandma and Grandpa K came over to watch the game with us! The kids had a good time with them and I think the feelings were pretty mutual.

Hailey kept switching seats, during the game...
I just loved how she picked the spot right by the tv- best spot in the room!

and this she even squeezed herself into this tiny little baby pack 'n play is beyond me, but she managed to!

Baby Jack was switching it up, too! Sitting on his "own" for the first time! Isn't he a big boy??

they always have to do what the other one's so cute!

I guess I shoulda worn a green shirt...I'm looking rather left out! :)
don't you think these two look alike??! I do...they even have that same half smile!!
Aren't they cute- I just love both my Packer Backers!! :)

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