Sunday, February 20

hangin' in there...

that's what this sickness bug has been doing at our house- just hanging around!! And, frankly, we're rather sick of it! :(
Poor Hailey is just not doing so well with it all- her nose is running like a faucet, her voice sounds like that of a 70 year old lifelong smoker, she has a hacking cough that would put that same smoker to shame ,and although she's not running a fever anymore she's definitely not feeling up to par, as evidenced by her cranky, whiny little spirit the last few days!!

Luckily Jackson seems to be on the mend...he still has a little bit of stuffiness in his nose and a small dry cough, but he's dealing with it much better than his big sister, so either he's tougher than her or he's just feeling better! (I'll probably go with a combination of both of them, 'cause Hailey is rather whiny about life in general) ;)

yeah, you do see Jackson in a pink bunting, here, what can I say- it was given to Hailey and I'm just too cheap to buy a different colored one! :)

the good, God thing about having a family who is battling sickness is that we're all getting some very good excuses to put into practice the fruits of the spirit when dealing with one another! I'm not gonna lie- it's definitely been hardest to show love, joy, peace and patience when dealing with Hailey, but that frustration often has a way of transferring itself onto others around me, too, especially now that I'm coming down with this cold myself!
So, I have been really trying to practice the fruits of the spirit and hoping to transfer the thought to my daughter, that even though you're sick and not feeling up to par it's not ok to make everyone else around you miserable- a surprisingly difficult idea to transfer to a 2 year old! ;) (actually, a surprisingly difficult theme for a mom to put into practice!)
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control- against such there is no law! Galatians 5:22
Praying that you all are feeling better than we are here!! :)

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