Monday, February 7

anything you can do, I can do, too!!

Hailey's been so into doing whatever Jackson can do these days! I'm not sure what the deal is, if she's maybe jealous of him or jealous of the attention he's getting, if she thinks he's having all the fun or what, but it is rather cute the "situations" she gets into trying to be like the baby!

No clue what the deal with trying to go to "sleep" all the time is, but she's been "playing" nuh-night, all the time these days- even her baby dolls go nuh-night all the time!! :)

she wants to take the bumbo seat or the baby in the bath with her all the time, now! In fact, without either one of them she cries and cries and won't even play in the bath, it's all I can do to make her stay to get her hair washed...go figure, huh?!
she's always begging me to put her in the jumperoo and in our little jumping thing that we put up for Jack upstairs...she did love these as a baby, so maybe she's reliving her baby days! :)
she likes to lay and play on his playmat, too, but he doesn't mind sharing, he loves to look at his big sister!
of all the baby things she copies, the swing is still by far her favorite. I "catch" her all the time in it- swinging back and forth and just hanging out listening to the rainforest music! The weirdest part of it all is...she HATED this swing when she was a baby, but apparently now that's all changed! :)

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