Monday, February 21

My favorite things ever...

Today, on a blog I like to read they were having people write their favorite thing ever and it gave me an idea...since life has been rather rough around here lately, I thought sharing a few of my favorite things ever would give me a better outlook and share some adorable pics of my kids! :)
So, here they are, my favorite things ever:
*good friends who remind me to take the time out to play with my kiddos, like my friend Amanda, who gave me the great idea to create a "tent" for my kiddos to play in! (yes, that is korey's and my wedding picture...Hailey's favorite thing ever to drag around the house...)
*feeding baby Jack! I just love how much this kid likes to nurse, but HATES any and all baby food. He'll eat potato soup, but just literally spits out anything even slightly related to apples or pears... Today I was holding him on my lap and trying to feed him and he kept trying to turn and nurse fact, he even got angry when he had to eat off the spoon- poor little guy, growing up is hard!!

*Hailey's adorable outfits! I just love dressing her in such cute stuff...she is and always has been my life size doll! :)

*my baby sling- don't know what I would do without it. I wear it at least once a day and it is a wonderful arm saver!! :)

*Hailey's is wild and crazy and there's no way that it looks good, unless I put it in a braid, a pony tail or pigtails! It's really more like straw- it's so frizzy and thin! :)

*Korey's wonderful and helpful attitude! I love how he's willing to just step in and clean stuff! (not to mention Hailey's deep rooted desire to help!) :)

*Hailey's super cool attitude...she put this all on today and came to me and said, "cool princess" yes, Hailey, you are one cool princess!!

*Jack's love of toys and desire to grab everything and put it in his mouth! No matter what it is he loves to taste it... ;)
*the fact that Hailey can't stand to be touched...she won't even let Jackson's legs touch her- she just moves farther and farther away from him!! (just like her Papa...) ;)
*how cute these two little ones are! No matter how bad of a day I'm having it can always be turned around by their giggling and laughing!

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