Wednesday, July 30

a little "break"

It's been a bit crazy and chaotic around here, lately! We've been running a lot and doing a it's been a welcome relief to take a step back, relax a little and stay home!! 
First though, we celebrated my grandma's 90th birthday!! I love this lady like nothing else and it was sweet to be able to celebrate her! 
Since my sister and our favorite baby boy were in town, they came and stayed with us for a night! We ALL love baby Evan. There's not much sweeter than snuggling my kiddos on the porch in the morning...but, snuggling with Evan and Macy was way sweeter! The best part- she held onto his little hand!
Hailey LOVES to help  with Evan. She wants so badly to be a babysitter or a mommy's so cute! In the car yesterday she prayed that God would give her 5 babies! :) I sure hope he answers that prayer for her!
we went on a little walk with Felicia and Evan and found a teepee at the school forest. It was pretty cool and the kids had a great time playing in it! (they were playing Pocahontas...go figure that Hailey figured out how to play "princess" even at the school forest) :)
Sometimes I think a momma's heart just needs a little break from the chaos and busyness of summer and I'm so thankful that this week has  provided it! It definitely has been a sweet treat and a balm for my weary little soul :)

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