Friday, August 1

Happy twins day!

The littlest girls in our house have been in "super cute" mode lately. I find myself more and more in awe of them. They have such a cool and unique relationship. They are so close- best friends, in fact. But, at the same time they will fight and wrestle like no girls I've ever seen!
In the last few weeks they have started talking in sentences and it's been absolutely precious to hear them yell, "Macy where are you?" Or "elli- belle, come here"! Or say, "I love you, elli- belle" 
I would never have said I wanted twins...I really never did. I always thought they'd be a bit overwhelming :) but, now that I'm a mommy to these two I'd wish twins on anyone! They're just so much fun! And, if the amount of cuteness and fun wasn't enough reason to love these two...their bond and relationship is truly awe inspiring! They love to hold hands, give random hugs and fight with one another- sometimes all at the same time :) I just love how close they there's really no "personal space" when it comes to them. I love how they hit and scream at one another one minute and are rollIng on the floor laughing the next. They share food and cups. They share beds and pillows. They share clothes and toothbrushes...even nuks :) 
I truly believe that God blessed my life when He made me the mommy to these two girlies. I'm so thankful I'm not the woman I was before I had them...although I do miss my sanity, my brain, and my pre-twin body a bit...I really don't miss much else!
 I love how these girls taught me to slow down, to savor life, to laugh and giggle with abandon, to throw caution to the wind and just "jump" feet first at whatever life has to throw at me. These two are awesome like that. They have absolutely no fear...not even when they should! I caught them taking turns jumping off of the top bunk and onto the one below about a week ago and this morning I caught them jumping off of the tire swing while the other one pushed it! (at least I know I have a heart that is working well, because there's not much that these two haven't tried  and there have been more times than I can count that my heart has lept into my throat and I've said the "God protect them" prayer as I ran)
I pray that as my little twinnies grow that they will always forgive and laugh as quickly; that they will remain best friends and loose the worst enemy status. I pray that they will continue to bring about growth and change in me (I'm pretty certain that ones a given) :) and that they will draw close to the one who promises to stick closer than even a twin sister- Jesus!
Elli has been a bit scared the last few days and it's been so precious to tuck them into bed and say "goodnight. mommy loves you. daddy loves you. Hailey loves you. Jack loves, but most of all- who loves you??" and to hear them simultaneously yell as loud as they can "Jesus loves you" :) It melts my heart and I pray that someday it won't just be repeated words, but it will be words that spring from a deep knowledge of the soul that Jesus does truly love them both!

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  1. Agreed. My trio are becoming more like that too....talking to each other and playing around. It's really a trip to see them.

    They've started to mumble their own versions of grace and some of our favorite songs.