Friday, January 3

So big...yet so small :)

Some days I'm reminded of how big hailey is getting...she has her first loose tooth!! I truly can't believe it...and I may have shed a tear or two! (Or three, but really- who's counting?!) 
Here's daddy freaking her out by showing her how we pull our teeth ;) 

Then, I'm all too quickly reminded of how close in age they all are...when they all sit down and play with the same craft for over an hour! The big benefit to having all 4 kids be about 2 1/2 years apart!! :) 


  1. oh my goodness! loose tooth already! so exciting and sad at the same time :) gus just had his first dentist apointment last week and the dentist did say that a few felt like they were getting ready to become loose lol he turns 5 on thrusday and i cant help but wonder...where did our babys go?!