Thursday, January 23

Happy 5th Birthday, Hailey!

This little girl...this sweet one, right here- she started it all! All the craziness in this house began with the birth of one precious little girl :) 

Our precious firstborn daughter turns 5 at 1:37 this afternoon :) (yup, still remember the minute she was laid in my arms...and the minute she was laid in her daddy's arms) 
This girl is sweet. She is funny. She is kind. She is so incredibly helpful. She has such a soft heart. I am so glad that God gave her to me. She is my best little friend. My biggest helper. She's so forgiving and grace filled. favorite thing about this sweet girl is that she's not "fake" she just is who she is- she doesn't say sorry unless she means it, she doesn't pretend to be someone other than she is, she doesn't work at things that she doesn't like to- she just is who she is and I love her for it! 
We had a really fun day celebrating...with naps, snuggles, food, and giggles! 
the day was perfectly complete with a special little girls only "Frozen" tea party! We all had a great time and Hailey said "this is the best day ever" :) So, I'm pretty sure that makes it a huge success!! 

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