Wednesday, January 29

Little big girls

My little twinnies have been extremely cute (&naughty) lately! The older they get the more their little personalities come out and the more surprised I become with how dissimilar they are! It never ceases to amaze how they can share DNA but act so different! I love it, though! Maelle keeps usin our toes constantly- she's always coming up with something wild, crazy, dangerous and cute to do! She's constantly jabbering away and there's not a moment if silence with her around! Macy is a little quieter, but she's funny and silly and copies anything her sister does- naughty or nice! :) 
They both LOVE stories! Their new favorites are "little pea"'s a cute story about a pea who has to eat 5 pieces of candy for supper...when we get to the part where he says "one yuck. Two blech. Three pleck. Four pleh" they both giggle and giggle and say "mama" and lick the page. Every. single. time. I can't help but giggle along and read the book again :) (thanks for the book, Christina! I think of you each time we read it) I can't believe these girls are growing up so quickly! Maelle had her first outing in undies today and other than a minor poop accident she did great! :) I think we are well on our way, she just needs more practice going other places...which unfortunately means I need to leave the house. ;) Macy wants so badly to be done, too, but just doesn't wanna go potty on the toilet, so I think we will hold off on her for a bit! 


  1. They're growing up way too fast..undies?! All ready?! Such big girls.

    Sounds like a super cute book!

    1. Yes! No kidding too fast! Ellie is potty trained, but Macy isn't ready yet :) she seems more like hailey and Maelle is more like Jackson- just in a hurry to grow up!