Saturday, December 14

The flu bug bit!!

A few days ago I read this amazing quote by Charles Spurgeon and fell in love with it
"To a man who lives under God nothing is secular, everything is sacred...The Lord has cleansed your houses, he has cleansed your bed chambers, your tables...He has made the common pots and pans of your kitchen to be as bowls before the altar- if you know what you are and live according to your high calling. You housemaids, you cooks, you nurses, you plough men, you housewives...your labor is holy if you serve The Lord Christ in it, by living unto Him as you ought to live" 
I loved the idea that doing my dishes, cleaning toilets, floors, laundry and serving my little family is holy work unto God. 
Then- a day or two later the whole family, except me, came down with the flu! As I climbed back into my bed in the middle of night 2, I burst into tears and was feeling so overwhelmed, frustrated, exhausted and just plain wore out. All I could think about was that first line in the quote "nothing is secular, everything is sacred" and remembered that even cleaning up vomit out of my girls hair, changing sheets, doing endless amounts of laundry, wiping sweaty little brows, getting ice cold water, holding and rocking cranky babies are all sacred acts unto The Lord. Knowing that doesn't make a momma less tired or the vomit less nauseating to clean up- but it does give a momma a lighter foot in the hallway as she moves from room to room, more joy in her heart as she folds the laundry, more grace in her speech as she says "no snacks or food" to her sick little babies. There is something encouraging about doing your tasks as unto The Lord, regardless of what they are! There is a "lightning" of the load that occurs when I know that it's me and God in this together :) 
No one seemed very energetic or happy today! All the girls are still running fevers- poor kiddos are just not themselves. 

Thankfully, everyone finally held down a few puffs and crackers before bed tonight! 

As soon as I wrote this momma came down with the flu :( And the little ones started in on the diarrhea...ugh! this is like the flu that never ends!!

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