Thursday, December 19

Christmas love

Sweet little Christmas "loves" :) 
My heart just loves seeing this little boy with his daddy- especially snuggled into his arms! We went to Hailey's Christmas program at 2 in the afternoon and poor Jack desperately needed more of a nap! 
My heart loves the fact that this sweet girl made a sweet little friend at school. It was so special to see them excitedly run to each other and pose for this picture together. It's always good to have a buddy to help you navigate school and life and I'm glad that God provided one for Hailey. 
My heart loves this precious maelle. She has such a big personality that I can barely think about her without smiling. She's so spunky and full of energy...not to mention goofy. I don't think any kid makes us laugh as much as our little 4th born does! 
My heart loves my sweet Macy. She's probably the most mellow and easy going of all my kids and that just makes her so "easy" to love! Today she and elli were having more fun playing than sleeping and I went into their room for the fourth time to see elli playing and as I put her back into bed and sternly told her no more and I looked over at Macy and she was squeezing her eyes shut so hard that her eyelids were shaking. It was so cute and precious. She's just such a sweet girl. 

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  1. Both girls look so much like Hailey: Beautiful girls!

    Love pictures of boys and their daddies.