Wednesday, December 25

Merry Christmas!

We had some of the most fun moments at Christmas this year!! 
(and some of the not so best leading up to it...)
Captain America and his 3 sisters went shopping with me to pick out my mind it would have been fun and exciting- a sweet time where they chose good presents for the people in their lives...turns out that it wasn't actually that fun....the day ended in tears for mommy and 3 of the 4 kiddos....but, we did get some presents :) 
The rest of Christmas was much more delightful and sweet! 
Christmas Eve at Grandma and Grandpa K's
We had our first Christmas morning at home this morning and it was so much fun to put all the presents under our tree, fill the stockings, wait excitedly for our kiddos to wake up and drink coffee in our pj's while they opened presents!
Hailey was the first one up- she was so excited and could barely wait for the rest of the kiddos to wake up- she had seen that the biggest present was hers and just couldn't wait to see what it was! 
 Macy and Elli were so funny opening their presents- Macy was so careful and slow at opening her gifts and after she opened one she just sat and played with it and basically left the other ones for her sister to open. Elli on the other hand ripped into present after present, discarding them as she went.  
 we had some friends join us for breakfast and we all had a great time! we laughed a lot, we played a lot and we were really loud- the kids put on a screaming show on the platform that Korey built for our new fireplace :) 
in the midst of all the girlyness going on in this house Jack got some truly "manly" things for Christmas- a hulk mask and smashing hands and his very own shaving kit :) He was fairly cute trying out both of them!
I hope that your Christmas was as wonderful and relaxing as ours was today! 

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