Wednesday, November 6

Vacation time!!

this past weekend we went on a little vacation with friends and had a great time!! 
all packed and ready to go-
the cutest luggage ever :) 
we had tons of fun...whether it was eating cereal on the couch out of coffee cups, wearing upside down sunglasses, running up and down the halls, teasing the poor scrapbooking weekend ladies about running a daycare, enjoying our gorgeous view, snuggling together in bed, jumping on the couch, standing on the coffee table, wearing your brother's swimsuit, taking baths in the huge jacuzzi tub, filling a room with pack 'n plays (ok,really I made them sleep in the huge bathroom, but brought them out so the ladies could clean in there) :) 

our favorite thing to do was go swimming! I'm pretty sure that Hailey and Jack would never have willingly left the water. they loved it and the place we stayed had a perfect set up- a kiddie pool with a water slide, fountains and a water fall! We did go in the big pool twice- but it was a little more stress than this momma enjoys taking on to try and keep track of 4 kids that can't swim! 
Maelle probably had the best time out of anyone- she loved the waterslide so much! You can't see her very well in this picture,but she was sliding down on her tummy...I think this girl might be the death of me- she is way too adventurous for being the 4th child in a family! 
my dear friend, Nikki, and her sweet baby Drew!

my sweet family

best friends in the making :)

the aftermath...

It was so much fun to be gone, but it's always good to be home...and, we were all a little wore out :) 

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