Monday, November 25

Happy 2nd Birthday!

My two littlest princesses turned 2 today!! 
To think that in a blink of an eye they went from this:
to this: 
I can barely handle the thought these two girls are so babies aren't babies anymore- they're really truly toddlers! I can't help but reflect back on what the last 2 years have been crazy, how sweet, how exhausting, how special, how overwhelming, how wonderful they were!  
My life was incredibly changed for the better when these little twinkies entered my life. Korey and I often say that we aren't even close to the same people we were before these twins were born and I'm so thankful. Not that we were horrible people before...just that God did some great work in our lives thanks to these precious girls. I'm so glad that God saw fit to bless me so much to be their mommy. Not a day doesn't go by that I don't look at their sweet faces and thank God for them. They bring so much laughter and joy and cuddles and snuggles and chaos to our house. They are truly a double blessing for our little family! 
My favorite part about these two is that they do everything together- it doesn't matter if it's trouble or sweetness---it's always together! If one baby wants to go to bed- the other one follows. If one baby takes a bath- the other one follows. If one baby climbs up on the table to read a story- the other one follows. If one baby cries looking at the birthday cake- the other one gets sad, too! They look to each other, they depend on each other and they definitely, without a doubt love each other with a love that I can't even comprehend. It's the sweetest thing that a mom could ever witness. 
Happy Birthday, sweet girls! I love you! 

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