Saturday, October 19


Resting, relaxing and peaceful moments are few and far between in our wild and crazy house, but sometimes we sneak away and share some amazingly beautiful and peaceful moments. 
I'm not a hunter, have only shot a gun a few times, but times like this are awesome and make me wanna go with my husband each time he goes out. There are definitely a lot of advantages to dates in the duck blind, but the main one is the peace and quiet. It's so incredibly quiet sitting next to my husband in the duck blind...just him, me and the big open water. (and luckily for him I'm so desperate for quiet that I don't even talk that much!) :) 
The hard part is that these moments have to end :( I've been really making an effort to claim some peace and quiet in my day...whether it be in the morning, while the kids are still asleep, or the afternoon, while the kids rest and sleep. And it has been wonderful for my soul to Just spend some quiet alone time with me and God. Someday so just listen to music and recharge. Somedays I read my bible or he bible study book in working on, but each day I try to just take a few minutes for "me". A few minutes that isn't rushing or cleaning or wiping noses or disciplining and training kiddos. A few minutes of rest and peace truly does make for a better momma- over here, at least!  :) 

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