Thursday, October 31

One little shirt...

Today i found this shirt in a box of clothes I brought up from the basement for maysen and Maelle. It brought me to tears seeing it. I so vividly remember buying it for hailey. I looked and looked for a shirt that had a little brother and then twins, but couldn't find one, so this one had to do. I looked and looked for a shirt small enough for jack, too, but couldn't find one, so it was just hailey that got one. This little shirt brings back so many memories. Memories of sharing with people we were pregnant- with twins. Memories of how scared our hearts were. Memories of morning sickness and bed rest and early labor scares. Memories of crying and begging God to let all my babies be ok, to help me gain weight and to somehow, some way help our family get through this. Memories of laying in bed at night, feeling my twins wrestle and wonder how I could possibly carry them any longer...yes, it's amazing the memories that one little size 2t shirt can produce :) 

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  1. Crazy isn't it. I used to think how could people hoard baby I know.