Wednesday, October 9

A little trip

Jack and I were able to go on a field trip with hailey and her class to the pumpkin patch yesterday! It was so fun to interact with her teachers, meet her little friends and see how Jack did joining in on all the fun! 
He was a little nervous to ride on the big bus without any seatbelts, but he hugged ruffy and soon settled right in and just joined the kids in everything they did!  

Hailey and her sweet friend- who happens to be one half of a boy/girl twin set :) 
After the pumpkin patch we went back to school and stayed for a fireman presentation! It was jack's dream come true!
 My favorite part of the whole day was this: 
Jackson just sort of fit right in with Hailey's class. When they all lined up to go outside- he lined right up with them. I think he seriously thought he was part of the group :) (and the teachers were so sweet that they didn't even mind that he joined in- they even made sure he got a little fireman hat at the end of the presentation)
Hailey's class + Jack by the fire truck :) 

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  1. So great that everyone was ok with his being there...:-)
    Looks like they had fun!