Saturday, May 31

It's getting warmer!

It seems as if summer weather may finally be here!! And I, for one, am loving it. It's so great to just be outside and wear swimsuits and shorts! It seemed like it took so long to come I was despairing of it ever arriving! We celebrated by putting up a new tire swing. It's so kids have a pretty cool daddy! 
We went to the Memorial Day took us 10 min to drive there and the parade lasted all of 5 minutes :) but, we did get to see our kids clap and stand for the veterans and give out a shy little wave to a few, so that made it worthwhile!
The anticipation was a lot more exciting than the real thing!
We had ice cream in the park afterwards...and should have just saved ourselves some time and hosed them all off at a neighbors house before heading home!
Almost everyday for the past week the kids have had their swimsuits on and gone swimming or run through the sprinklers. It's definitely cut down on the amount of laundry :) 
Aren't I lucky?! I get to grocery shop with these cool kids every two weeks :) 
Korey and I have even had some of the best dates ever because of this beautiful weather! We've gone to the shooting range twice and last night we had dinner, then say down by the river and watched the sunset! (Who says this guy isn't romantic) :) 
I've definitely been trying to soak up as much vitamin D as possible, even forgoing my to-do lists and endless amounts of laundry to spend a few afternoons sitting on the porch reading my bible and enjoying the sunshine.
Thankfully we have only had one sickness so far! I was a little worried because we have had so many tiny tick bites- mostly on elli and jack, so when elli got sick and very tired we had her tested for lymes, but thankfully it's just a virus or allergies! Hopefully she will be back to her spunky little self soon. 
I'm so excited for this summer- Hailey's last day of school is Friday and I plan to just relax and snuggle and play all summer long. Last summer was so fun in this house, I'm hoping and praying that this one will be much the same! 

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