Wednesday, May 21

Minneapolis or bust

The kids and I took a little trip to Minnesota to visit my siblings, since Korey had 2 back to back call weeks! It turned out to be the perfect trip & the perfect timing- Korey worked almost the whole time we were gone and we had a great time playing with family! I couldn't have asked for better drives- all the way there and back the kids slept! First time ever and I was so happy!!
It rained on Monday, so we went to an indoor play place! We totally need one of these by us. It was awesome- even I got in on the action and crawled around :) Kenzie and elli took a bit to warm up to the mazes, but once they did we could barely drag them out!
On Monday night we went out to chuck e cheese with my two brothers, their wives and my niece. Macy and jack definitely had the most fun- elli, our little daredevil, was scared of all the rides- go figure :) 
The best part of our trip was definitely snuggling baby Evan! Hailey didn't even want to come home because "our house is boring- there are no babies there" :) 
We had so much fun!! might take this momma a month or two to recover from all the fun :) 

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