Thursday, April 3

Normal life...

We've been just living "normal life" around here, lately, and it's been rather grand!  
We've made pillow piles and jumped onto them.
we've gotten into trouble...
Macy found glitter and glue in her sister's bedroom decorated her bed and created a beautiful kitty picture for her
we finally found a use for mommy's old scrapbook paper!
we've taken good naps FINALLY! Yay!!
I finally split up the twins at bedtime, too, and am hopeful that it will make bedtimes a little less stressful. Elli is falling asleep in our bed and I'm moving her after she falls asleep...worked out great for 2 nights, but I'm trying not to get too hopeful :)
we've dressed up and played princesses...we've danced to music...buying the Frozen album for Hailey was the best use of our money- she absolutely adores it and we all listen to it over and over again!
we've gone grocery shopping. taking these three little ones is such a little was a little rougher than some times have been, but there were still some pretty cute moments- like this one- waiting at the lunchmeat counter.
It's just feels good to have a little semblance of normal back around here! It feels good to finally have the kids not be so cranky. It feels good to have a little bit of our spunk and energy back. It feels good to have a tiny bit of nicer weather and a little glimpse of how wonderful summer is going to be!

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