Sunday, April 6

My matching girls

A few days ago I put pigtails in both the girls hair to see if I could mess up Korey...he didn't fall for it, but my Mom and Hailey both did and when Macy got up from a nap and I saw her walking down the hallway I called her Elli :) It was actually kind of fun to see how much a like the girls do look- when you take away the pigtails vs ponytail and opposite clothing colors! (I try to always put Macy in pink or the outfit with more pink in it...doesn't always work, now that they have their own little opinions on dress, but I try) :)
Can you tell them apart???
I realize that's not  the best picture...trying to get them both to look straight at the camera is a lot harder than I had anticipated!
Elli cut her foot with the scissors, so she got a bandaid...naturally Macy needed one, too. Then they needed to give each other a hug and console one another. 
sometimes it's just fun to have "matching girls". we don't have a lot of matching clothes- since they wear a lot of Hailey's hand me downs and they get themselves dressed most days, so they don't always pick out the stuff that they do have that's matching. so, it is kind of fun every once in a while to be reminded that I do have identical twin daughters! It's amazing how different they are- regardless of how much they look alike. Elli is so "into" copying Hailey these days- where Hailey goes, her little shadow follows and you'd think Macy would pick Jack to copy, but instead she just does her own thing. She really could care less what everyone else is doing- except Elli- she always says "where my Elli"  :)

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