Saturday, February 8

the little things

with the cold weather we've been having lately, we have been going a little stir crazy...but...really trying to enjoy the "little" things! There have been some pretty fun and exciting little moments! We've been baking a little, having a few tea parties, enjoying some books, playing with boxes, building forts, watching movies, sitting by the fire, napping by the fire, and generally being a little lazier than usual :)
I would definitely say some of our favorite things are having tea parties and making treats to eat at our tea parties :) Jack said the other day, "does Superman have tea parties?" and although I wasn't entirely sure how to respond, I said yes, because I'm sure if Superman's mommy and sister's invited him to a tea party he would definitely fly on over :)
I think that we may be coming down with another sickness around here...I took Maysen with me to get my hair colored this morning and she fell asleep on my lap. I thought it was so cute and precious, until we got home and I realized that the poor girl had a 103 fever :( poor thing! she's been sleeping for over 3 hours, now, and I'm praying that it'll break as she sleeps! 

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