Friday, February 14

A beautiful mess...

There are days at this house where the smiles are sweet and the temperaments are sweeter.
...crafts are pinterest worthy (ok...that never happens, but it could- in an ideal world) :)
...where the floor stays clean and the piles of laundry are put away.
...where we all "keep it together" and peace reigns in our hearts.
...where the quiet times and the nap times drag on.
...when husbands don't call at 5 and say they'll be late for the 5th night that week.
But, let me submit that those days are few and far between. Those days aren't the "norm" around here, at least not lately. And, I'm not even that sad about it. Yeah, I love peace and clean houses as much as the next momma, yeah, I've been known to have mini meltdowns about the rough days...but, it's not in those sweet days that I seem to find Jesus- or maybe it's just that I don't appreciate the need for Jesus on those beautiful and perfect days! I don't feel so intensely my need for grace and my need for a Savior.
Jesus shows up the best in a knock-knock joke told by a little boy who just spent the whole night awake and crying, a sweet baby hug and a barely understandable "I love you" to a momma with tears streaming down her face, beating herself up after another failure moment. A text from a friend that says "I love you for your messy house"-not in spite of it, but because of it.  A sweet whispered prayer from a precious girl asking Jesus to please help her mommy not cry. A precious giggle elicited from the baby that minutes before was throwing a huge fit on the floor. A bag of chips and baby tylenol brought home by a man who stopped at the grocery store after a long day of work. Sometimes Jesus and His precious gift of grace simply show up in the words "do-over" yelled high above the din of squabbling fighting kiddos and a momma about ready to loose her mind or an opened Bible to reveal a torn page- lovingly patched back together with tape, by a precious 5 year old.
Jesus always shows up and He always brings His grace. His precious sweet grace that is perfect for every moment, bigger than we can ever imagine and new every morning (or minute or second) :) That's why I can praise God for my big beautiful mess...because without it, I don't think I would know or feel the need for grace as much as I do in the middle of it! My prayer for myself is that on those long days, the rough days I can yell "do over" and feel Jesus come- not holding my head high, as if I somehow summoned the strength within myself to do it on my own, not hanging my head low in shame and failure, but looking ahead "strengthened in giving glory to God" (Romans 4:20b)

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