Monday, February 24

double love, double these girls!

these girls totally embody the little girl from the nursery rhyme...when they're good, they're very, very good. But when they're bad...they're horrid :)
thankfully they've been feeling better lately and the fun times have been abounding- even if their fun means they are laughing their heads off at my shock and dismay to some wild and crazy stunt they dreamed up!
Although I have been their mommy for over 2 years, there are still a few things about my twins that really do surprise me...
Cooking with them is not at all like cooking with Hailey and Jack...these two have a way of working together and "helping" one another that is like nothing I've ever witnessed. They seriously don't mind taking turns or holding the spoon so that the other one can lick off of it first- it's so much fun to watch them interact- especially when they randomly stop for a quick snuggle on the counter. :) I'm not sure I'll ever get used to how they help one another and work together- without even using words! Maybe this is normal twin behavior, but it still surprises me and makes my heart melt at the cuteness of it! 
They do EVERYTHING together. I know this shouldn't surprise me, but it still does. They share chairs without fighting over who gets to put their legs here or there...they share crayons, they share paper, they share Great Grandma's lap- you can't hold one of them or snuggle one of them without the other running from wherever she is to climb up, too! You definitely can't even let one help make dinner without the other one wanting to help, too. These two literally share everything...except for their blankies and nuks! (they're very particular about pink and purple nuks and their special blankies) :) 
being a mom of twins means that you never get to give just one baby a piggy back ride- you have to give them both a piggy back ride at the same time
It means you never get to put just one baby back to bed, numerous times a night- it means you get a two for one deal, even in the training department! One of the really surprising things about the twins is that they will take naps in separate bedrooms, but God forbid you try to put them down for bed in different rooms- then the crying and shrieking will begin! I'm thankful, though, that they nap in separate rooms- at least that means there's one less time a day I have to continually put kiddos back into beds...literally sometimes we fight them for over 2 hours a night. Or like this little picture, here, we go outside to shovel and come back in to find them hanging out by the fireplace 2 hours past their bedtime! 
Being a mom of twins is seriously one of the most fun and exhausting undertakings of my whole life! These two keep us all hopping and laughing! I'm so glad that God blessed us with them and that He promises grace to handle them! :) 

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  1. I think this is one of the perks of twins...the sharing. It really is just them against the world. My triplets don't share, it's every man {or girl} for themselves lol