Friday, July 26

Our newest addition....

Or should I say "additions"?! I've been working on korey- trying to talk him into a cat for a while now and he finally said yes :) hailey is beyond excited and I'm just hoping to not have to use the HUGE bucket of mouse traps that the previous owners left! We already have found 2 mice and 1 chipmunk in our garage and 4 mice have fallen into our little drain by the driveway...kinda creeps me out! 
Meet Ariel and Truck! (Can you tell who named them?!) Our 2 new babies :) and hopefully 2 really good mousers! If we can just keep the eagles, hawks and other predators from eating them before they get big enough to fend for themselves :) 

1 comment:

  1. Seeing these sweeties almost makes me want to re-think the no cats policy...(That, and my Emily is highly allergic). Super cute!!