Thursday, July 25

20 months!

We're out of the "teens", now! Maysen & Maelle are 20 months old. They're looking more and more like toddlers and less and less like babies. I'm not even sure when that happened...seems like just yesterday that they didn't have any hair and the nuks took up most of their face! 
I've learned a few things in the past 20 months as a mommy to twins...2 big things that stand out, though. The first is that after having a lap full of twins, nursing them both, watching them interact & seeing their sweet bond- having just 1 baby seems a little sad and lonely. (No, this isn't an announcement) ;) I find myself actually feeling kind of bad for hailey and jack, since they don't have a built in buddy. It's amazing how before they were born I sort of felt bad for them- thinking they'd always have to share and never get their own mommy time or their own special birthday, but I never worry about that anymore. They manage to sneak in their own snuggles and cuddles, but mostly they just seem content to share. They don't necessarily like sharing my lap with hailey or jack, but they definitely don't seem to mind sharing with each other. The 2nd thing I've learned about ID twins is that sharing DNA does not equal similar personality. I don't understand it, I really don't "get it" but it's 100% true- Macy and Elli couldn't be more different. They definitely look similar, but in actions they are very different! I always kind of thought it would be surprising to see them act similar, but its actually more surprising to me when they don't! 
I love these 2 girls! I feel so blessed that 20 months ago they were born into our little family! I don't know if it'll ever change, but for now, to me- they're still the tiny little babies their daddy held- 1 in each hand- in the nicu. No matter how big or how old they get I think I just may always view them as 4lb 13oz babies :) (sorry girls) :)

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