Wednesday, July 24

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

My dear grandmother turns 89 tomorrow! I can hardly believe it! She seems so young and spry and in such good health and spirits. It used to be that 89 seemed so old, yet, she makes it seem so young! 
I have always loved my grandma. I'm honestly not entirely sure why. Not that there's not much to love about her- just that I've always had a special love for her! Maybe it's because so many people have told me I was like her or maybe they're right and we are so much alike, so it's easy to love her. But, regardless of the reason I love thus dear lady and have always, always, always wanted to be like her. She's the toughest woman I know. I will never forget the day my aunt brought her home after she had broken her shoulder while on a bus trip- she endured hours long drive with her arm in a sling, in the backseat of a truck and got out w/ barely a whimper, or the day she got out of surgery and couldn't even sit up without throwing up, but was determined to head for home anyways(good thing the nurses intervened, because God knows I'm not tougher than her& probably would have given in) :) She's also one of the most energetic women I know. I so want to be like her! She took great care if my grandpa when he was sick and still she found time to make treats and cookies, do my uncles laundry, clean her house and his, and have her numerous grand kids over to visit. I never felt unwelcome at my grandma's house. I never felt like I was imposing. I never even felt like an annoying little burden (which I'm sure I was at times) :) my grandma always welcomed us into her home, fed us snacks and treats and let us hang out! I loved her house. I loved being there and I pray that I get many more years of visiting her house :) happy birthday, grandma, I love you!! 

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