Thursday, January 22

The big 6 finally happened. My biggest girl- the girl I spent so many years praying for and begging God for- has turned from using one hand (5) to count her age to two (6)!! I can hardly believe it! The 2 1/2 years of struggling to get pregnant seem like a distant memory. The baby who cried continually is all but forgotten. The tears of a new mom long ago turned to tears of joy and smiles of laughter as this baby has grown into an amazing girl. The day she was born I wept tears of joy and continually thanked God for answering my prayers with such a precious little 6lb bundle and not much has changed. This girl is honestly a continual blessing to me- my hailey is just the most precious gift from God. She is happy, she is spunky, she is kind and compassionate, she's an awesome big sister, she's funny and goofy. She is truly one of a kind! I can barely hold back the tears as I write this and think that the last 6 years have gone by so fast...what happened to them??!
Hailey is so creative...she loves crafts and creating and I love that she takes an idea and just "runs with it"!
She's starting to read and I just love it!! Reading and books have been a huge part of my life- there's not much I love more than a good book and to see my sweet girl not only be able to read on her own, but share her love of reading with her siblings is definitely sweet for my soul!
she is goofy and crazy and has an incredible sense of style! I feel like every morning I should take a picture of what Hailey wore to school that day because almost every morning she makes me laugh with the outfits she puts together! This was one of my favorites...a little bit girly, a little bit super hero...and a whole lot of just pure style! I think this fad is going to catch on soon :)
Hailey is also a great friend. She is sweet, kind, compassionate and caring. She hurts when her friends hurt. She cries when someone in our family gets hurts. She laughs a lot. plays a lot and truly just loves well!
I don't care how old she gets I think I will always love pictures of her makes her seem more and more like my little baby and less like the big girl she is becoming!
she is definitely the life of the party! She adds a lot of joy and excitement to all of our lives :) Everything is an adventure with Hailey- whether we are riding a transport bus at the Marshfield hospital on our way to visit a friend and she's making friends with the bus driver or cheering on a friend at a hockey game and getting her siblings to cheer for the red team instead of the purple...she definitely adds a bit of fun!
Probably one of my favorite things to watch is how Hailey just takes charge, plans out an activity and gets her siblings to not only "get in line" and do it with her, but also manages to make it fun for all of them! Yesterday afternoon she planned out a craft for after school and had everyone gluing, coloring and using glitter to make penguins with hearts for wings. I really have no idea where she comes up with this stuff, but I just love to sit and watch her make it happen!
Hailey took this little selfie the other day and it just totally captured her little face :) She's so independent and spunky- so beautiful and creative. She is just the best gift that God could have given Korey and I for a first child! She's definitely not perfect, but I'm loving watching her be molded and shaped by God into such a beautiful little person!

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