Saturday, January 24

A birthday party!

Hailey has dreamed of having a birthday party at the bowling alley ever since she went to a friend's birthday, there, and she finally got her wish this year! It almost didn't happen...Daddy was sick a few days before and Elli, Jack and Macy fell prey to the same sickness one by one this morning...but, thanks to Nani coming up and taking care of our littles sickies we were able to persevere and it turned out to be great fun for everyone!

Hailey and her favorite little friend, Hailey :) These two girls make me laugh so hard- they are both so unique and so "funky". Neither of them care at all what anyone thinks of them and both just march to the beat of their own drum. There must be something in the name of girls born that year :)
We had my friend make Jenny make the cake, again, and she definitely did not disappoint! Hailey was mostly excited about the golden rope and eating the crown. :) I would have to agree with her little friend Madison, though, who ate a piece of it and said, "I thought it was going to be good, but that tastes gross" :) who wants to waste their time eating fondant when they can eat yummy cake?? :)
We were down a few girls...and a little boy, but the girls who came were really fun and I think they all had a great time.
the presents were obviously a big hit :) what little girl doesn't love presents??! all honesty, Hailey was most looking forward to the bowling pin that all the girls got to sign and she got to take home! That was the one thing she kept talking about and just could not wait to get home and put up in her bedroom :)
all the cute little girls :)
They were all so sweet and so adorable.
Apparently Hailey has great taste in far I approve of them all :)

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