Sunday, November 30

Happy birthday!!

My little twinnies turned 3 and had a super fun time of it!! They wanted to help make their own we all worked together on special birthday waffles :)
Taking a little bit of time out to snuggle :)
Then we quick sang happy birthday before taking hailey to school! I think they liked it!
After dropping off hailey they asked for donuts, so off we went for donuts :) because apparently you get whatever you want on your birthday :)
After daddy got home we went to everyone 's favorite place- Buffalo Wild Wings! Yes, I do think their dad has brainwashed them all! But, the twins were super happy to get to hear the whole restaurant clap for their birthday! (At least Macy was- elli was a bit scared of it all) 
Then on thanksgiving we had our family over and got to have Minnie Mouse and Dora cookies to celebrate! Macy was mostly excited because she thought the Macy's thanksgiving day parade was actually her parade! 
I think my littlest girls enjoyed turning 3!! 

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