Wednesday, September 24

My little "pack"

These three are anything but boring! they are hilarious and adventurous...naughty and fearless...incredibly fun and extremely overwhelming all at the same time! It seems that when they are without their fearless leader they tend to act like a wild little pack of hyenas. Everyone running and doing their own thing- no one really organizing or leading them. I suppose that would be my job, but hailey was so good at it that it's hard for me to remember I should be doing that!! And before I know it they are just running wild and wreaking havoc upon our house!! I'm just hoping that the house survives and is still standing by the time they grow up :)

Without their big sister around my 3 littlest ones have become closer and better friends!! It's pretty cute (most of the time) to see their little personalities come out in different ways! I think the funniest part is that no matter where we go someone asks if they are triplets. Makes me laugh every single time. Poor jack is just such a small little guy!!

Our highlight of the week is getting to go eat lunch with hailey! She asks us to come every week and it's adorable to see the little three just fit into the school so well! They go potty with the kids; wash hands with them; play on the playground and just naturally fall into line- just like all the other kids! 

I think my favorite part about just having the little "pack" around is that they're starting to develop their own little personalities and desire to be "themselves". Macy is still a bit more mellow than the other 4, but once she sets her mind to something there is no dissuading her! She was the oldest of all my kids when she finally was potty trained, but by fare the easiest one to potty train. One day she just up and decided to go potty on the toilet and hasn't had an accident since! Elli is our crazy wild child. She has no time for anything that might seem normal or have rules to it. She just blazes her own trail and does whatever she wants- she's a true free spirit and I love it. She makes me laugh and is by far the goofiest of any of our kids...even though she is the most shy. Jack is just  Jack. He's so much like Korey and so much like me. He loves to play by himself, as long as he's by someone, and wants so badly to be an army guy when he grows up. He's continually looking for a new hunting spot, wherever we go, and probably misses his big sister more than any of us!
I love that my little 3 love to be together, but I'm just incredibly excited that they are becoming a bit more independent and loving the individual attention. Yesterday I took just Macy to pick up hailey -she was pretty excited and kept saying "I so special today, momma" :)

We did storytime today at the library and I couldn't believe how cute they were or how well they listened!! Elli had no interest in anything but sitting on my lap and Macy loved it all!! She even did the hand motions to the songs! Jack answered all the questions and was generally pretty outgoing! I loved it!! It was the first time I've seen any of them in a situation like that. I was so proud of my little Macy for acting so grown up. (that's her between Jack and her sweet little friend, Taylor)
I think we all might be fitting into our new routine without our biggest girl better and better each day!!

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