Friday, March 28

Blessed beyond measure

Poor little Elli took a tumble down some steps and onto concrete at a friend's house :( Her little face looks rough, but the best part is how well she loves to "ham it up" for attention. Every time someone new comes to our house she has to show them all the different spots she hurt and does it with her most dramatic sad face...makes me laugh every single time! Macy has even gotten into it and when people make a fuss over Elli she will go up and kiss each and every little boo-boo. What goofy little two year olds I have here!

We seem to be finally done with another rough patch of sickness...seems to be the theme of my winter- one sickness after another! I guess they're just continual reminders that no matter how easy I'm starting to feel like life is I still need a continual dose of Gods grace! There's nothing like being tired to make you feel like a failure. When the house is always a mess, you're always feeling like you're barely able to "keep up" let alone get ahead- it can get so very draining. On those days it's so hard to keep my focus where it should be- to keep plugging away and putting one foot in front of the other. But, it's on those days that I've felt God just whisper to my heart "I'm here, I'm with you. Together we've got this". The house is always a mess. Dinner is often rushed and hurried- or just a picnic on the floor. My kids never wear matched socks. My ears do hurt at the end of the day from all the noise of talking, chattering, yelling kiddos. Training, disciplining and teaching 4 little hearts all day long is just plain exhausting- not to mention incredibly overwhelming.
Who knew that two or three kids throwing a fit on the floor over wanting juice instead of the milk they got or getting the wrong sippy cup or their jackets not being "right" could drive a mom to such frustration...or that the natural response wouldn't be to laugh? Who knew that in it all I would be able to truly say- I am blessed beyond measure and fall into my bed with a clear conscience and a happy heart each night. I am far perfect. I screw up  regularly. I cry when I should laugh, I probably laugh when I should cry :) I hide in the bathroom and pretend that I can't hear someone screeching "mommy" from downstairs. I put on a movie and take a nap instead of sweeping the floor. I rarely make my bed (what's the point- Jack is just going to mess it up when he rests in there every afternoon) :) But...I know I'm a mommy covered by grace. I know that I'm forgiven and seen as perfect and complete in God's eyes. I know that I'm a beloved child of the King. I know that each and every struggle, frustration or hard day is a gift from God. It's a little bit more of my own prideful "I can do it myself" attitude getting chipped away and a little bit more of "God's power being made perfect in my weakness" filling in! So, for that reason I glory in my weaknesses. I willingly share my struggles and shortcomings because then I know that if anything good comes out of me- you'll all know it's just God and not me :)
a new and exciting thing happened at our house this afternoon-- Hailey lost her 2nd tooth! Thankfully it was a lot less dramatic than the last one and it is safely tucked away in a bag, awaiting tonight when she'll put it under her pillow for the tooth fairy :)

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